Forum Theater

Engaging in dialogue for social change

Workshop for non-actors & non-actresses

Trial dates // June 6+27

Summer Workshop // July 11+14+15+16

Performance Workshop // October 7-10

+ rehearsal dates in November

Forum theater is part of the “Theater of the Oppressed” - a method created by the Brazilian theatre director and activist Augusto Boal. It is an interactive discussion tool aimed to discuss possibilities of social and political change. It actively involves the audience on stage - with the power to stop and change the play.


// Summer workshop and trial dates


Trial dates: June 6 and June 27 (5-8pm)

Workshop dates: July 11 (5-8pm), July 14 (3-8pm), July 15 (12-6pm), July 16 (12-6pm) 


Encounters in June and on July 11 will take place in Pöge-Haus Leipzig (Hedwigstr. 20)

All the other encounters will take place in Klinge 22 (Klingenstr. 22)


*** What to expect?

This workshop is an invitation for a playful break during summer time.

You can experience Theater of the Oppressed, its games and exercises. No prior experience is needed. Use your chance to get to know other people aged 16-30 from different origins living in Leipzig and around. In exchange, you are invited to help brainstorm relevant social and political issues for an upcoming forum theater play - we'll use Image Theater and other interactive discussion techniques to collect ideas that will be transformed into a written script (after the workshop). 


// Performance workshop including rehearsals

Workshop dates: October 7-10

There will be rehearsal dates and trial performances in November. Dates will be agreed on with the entire group. 


*** What to expect?

Interested in becoming part of an English speaking forum theater group? Come and join the rehearsals for our first forum play. After the performance workshop there will be more regular meetings to work on the details and depth of the performance. There will also be opportunitues to try out and practice interactive discussions through forum theatre. 


The group is aimed to continue performing in 2024 addressing a young audience in schools, organizations, etc. Therefore, we will also work on a funding strategy to pay actors and actresses.


// Information and registration


*** You can join the summer workshop OR the performance workshop - or BOTH!


*** You don't need to be an actor or actress - Theatre of the Oppressed works with 

non-professionals that want to create playful dialogue on important issues.


*** Participation is free of charge. But there is a limited number of places - so sign up soon!


*** You want to get more information or sign up? Write to

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